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  click for larger image AUGUST 7, 1989 The purpose of the National Show Horse Registry is to maintain a fiscally sound organization to promote the breeding and showing of the National Show Horse; to increase popularity and participation within the general public through innovative programs. The Board of Directors of the NSHR is charged with the fiduciary responsibility of the Corporation, including prudent asset management and increasing the fund balance.

The Board is also responsible for developing and overseeing all programs of the NSHR.These programs shall include promoting and assisting sanctioned horse shows that provide local and District NSHR classes, including the distribution of prize monies and promotional material to these shows.

The NSHR shall be responsible for the promotion and management of a yearly National Finals competition.The NSHR shall continue to develop services to the general membership; to encourage and promote youth and amateur programs; to provide incentives for increased participation in the NSHR, and to be an effective liaison with local clubs, both for communication with the national registry, and with other clubs.

To maintain the highest level of expertise and integrity in horse show judging, the NSHR shall provide the means of accreditation, education and review for NSHR judges and potential judges.

The NSHR and its Board of Directors shall work with affiliated groups and associations within the horse industry to increase understanding and awareness of the National Show Horse, and to participate in programs that will benefit the horse industry at large. It is the mandate of each Director to serve in the best interest of the breed and the Registry as a whole, and to maintain the highest standards of ethics and commitment.
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