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  NSHR Show Results
2006 Finals Results
  2006 Finals Results Wednesday
  2006 Finals Results Thursday
  2006 Finals Results Friday
  2006 Finals Results Saturday

2007 NSHR Finals Show Results
  2007 NSHR Finals Results, Wednesday, September 19th
  2007 NSHR Finals Results, Thursday, September 20th
  2007 NSHR Finals Results, Friday, September 21st
  2007 NSHR Finals Results, Saturday, September 22nd

2008 NSHR Finals Show Results
  2008 NSHR Finals Results - Wednesday, September 17th
  2008 NSHR Finals Results - Thursday, September 18th
  2008 NSHR Finals Results - Friday, September 19th
  2008 NSHR Finals Results - Saturday, September 20th

2009 NSHR Finals Show Results
  2009 NSHR Finals Results-Thursday, September 17th
  2009 NSHR Finals Results-Friday, September 18th
  2009 NSHR Finals Results-Saturday, September 19th

2010 NSHR Finals Show Results
  2010 NSHR Finals Results-Wednesday, September 22nd
  2010 NSHR Finals Results-Thursday, September 23rd
  2010 NSHR Finals Results-Friday, September 24th
  2010 NSHR Finals Results-Saturday, September 25th

2011 NSHR Finals Result
  2011 NSHR Finals Results

2012 NSHR Finals Results
  2012 Class Results
  2012 NSHR Judges Cards

2013 NSHR Finals Results
  2013 NSHR Finals Results

2014 NSHR Finals Show Results
  2014 NSH Finals Judges Cards

2015 NSHF Show Results
  2015 NSHF Show Results
  2015 NSHF Judges Cards

2016 NSHF Show Results
  2016 NSH Finals Show Results

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