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Show Horse Alliance
Attention owners, breeders and enthusiasts of all show horse breeds!
(revised December 2007)

In recognition of the popularity of horse events based on type, or discipline of horse, the National Show Horse Registry has created the Show Horse Alliance (SHA) for owners, breeders, trainers, exhibitors and admirers of Saddle Seat type horses.

The purpose of the Show Horse Alliance is to promote the Saddle Seat English type horse by providing a showing venue and developing a prize money program.

The Show Horse Alliance offers Saddle Seat enthusiasts a program where emphasis is placed more on phenotype than on genotype. One of the Alliance’s goals is to encourage breeders to create an extreme Saddle Seat type of horse, relatively free of blood content restrictions.

Owners of all breeds are encouraged to participate. No restrictions have been placed on participation.

Show Horse Alliance (SHA) classes are open to horses who have been recorded with the Show Horse Alliance. (Refere to SHA enrollment and eligiblity rules).

Enrollment Eligibility:

Program open to ALL Saddleseat Type Show Horses.  No blood or breed restrictions.However, horses eligible for National Show Horse registration must be registered with the National Show Horse Registry prior to enrollment in the Show Horse Alliance program.

Enrollment Fee:  $150

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