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  NSHR Press Release - Is Your Horse Now Eligible for NSH Registration?
  Posted: Thursday, February 4, 2010

NSHR Press Release


The NSHR has been very busy this past six months. 


Effective December 1, 2009, all NSHR eligible foals must contain at least fifty percent (50%) Arabian blood.  We will consider horses holding Half Arabian registration papers as proof of Arabian blood content.

Horses that were registered prior to this change shall be deemed as a properly registered National Show Horse, and will be able to continue showing in the NSH classes.  Foals born in 2010 or before that would have been eligible for registration as a NSH as it existed at the time the foal was bred, shall still be eligible for registration as a NSH.

For those breeders that would like to continue their breeding program with an unlimited amount of Arabian blood content you still can.  We have the Show Horse Alliance in place for you to compete with all saddle seat type horses, and will continue to help support your goals.

So what does the above mean for you?   Starting at the 2010 NSH Finals which will be held on September 22-25, 2010 in Springfield, IL we will start what we are calling the NSH Stimulus Program.  The following classes will be offered as Grand Championships at NSH Finals:


NSH Halter ATH Grand Championship
NSH Open Halter Grand Championship
NSH Hunter Pleasure ATR Grand Championship
NSH Country Pleasure ATR Grand Championship
NSH English Pleasure ATR Grand Championship
NSH 3 Gaited Open Grand Championship
NSH Show Hack Open Grand Championship
NSH Country Pleasure Open Grand Championship

8 Grand Championship Classes at $15,500.00 per class
$5,000 for Champion
$2,500 for Reserve
$1,000 for the remaining Top Ten

In order to qualify for these classes, all that is required is to show in a qualifying class that will be offered at NSH Finals. We have lifted the previous qualification rules that required you to qualify prior to showing at NSH Finals.  The prize money offered at the local and district level will still be offered according to the rules previously in place. Show Management only need request it.  You will still have to qualify for UPHA classes.

The recent bylaw change also allows us to open up stallion nominations to all breeds.  This will increase income to the NSHR and most importantly for the stallion owner it will allow the resulting foals to be registered at the lifetime nomination registration fee, and most importantly allow the resulting foal to compete in the lucrative Stallion Row Jackpot Program.  This will also increase the amount of prize money offered in this program.  As you can see this is a win, win program for all.

In order to be more exhibitor friendly with the shows offering our classes we have made the following changes in what we require of shows that hold our classes.  We will now only require District shows to offer 15 NSH classes instead of 22. The Saddle Seat and UPHA equitation classes will be 2 of the required 15 classes.  We will continue to fund 13 of the classes as in the past.

In an effort to help our exhibitors during this tough economic time we are only requiring one owner of the horse to be a full member.  We have instituted a non-member fee of $30 for the trainer, rider, driver, or handler if they are not already a full member.

It is now up to all of us, to get out there and spread the word that all these new horses are eligible for registration and encourage them to come and show at our show and support your registry.


For more info contact the NSHR at 502-266-5100.


2242 Polo Park Drive Dayton, OH 45439 
937.962.4336 OFFICE
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